IoF2020 to launch Open Call pre-registration today at IoT Week

IoF2020 to launch Open Call pre-registration today at IoT Week


The IoF2020 project will launch its Open Call today, June 5th, during the second day of the IoT Week in Bilbao, Spain (4-7 June). Pre-registration for the Open Call is already available on the IoF2020 website.



About IoF2020

IoF2020 is a EU Horizon 2020 project that fosters the large-scale uptake of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies in the European food and farming sector. Currently, the IoF2020 gathers nineteen use cases around Europe in five themes or so-called trials. The use cases in the arable, dairy, fruits, meat and vegetables trial develop, test and demonstrate Internet of Things technology in operational agri-environments, both conventional and organic.


Open Call

With the Open Call (total value €5 million), will increase the scale of the project, as new use case teams will be able to join, thus widening the number of IoF2020 stakeholders, creating increased impact of the technology developed within the project and on the European farming and food sector.

Applicants can either replicate current use cases in regions not yet covered in the project, extend current use cases further into the agri-food production chain or target new area’s such as forestry or fishery.



The full list of requirements for proposals will be announced and published in the official call text. Only proposals committing to the following framework will be considered:

  • Proposals should be supported by a team of stakeholders that represent a substantial part of the IoT value chain. Eg. technology providers, service providers, processors and retailers. Single parties will not be considered.
  • Applicants should consider both technological aspects, business aspects and organisational aspects in their proposal.
  • Proposals covering one aspect to increase scale and impact (eg. applying the technology of a current use case at a farm in Eastern Europe) are eligible for costs up to € 300.000.
  • Proposals covering more than one aspect (eg. developing new technology for use in forestry) are eligible for costs up to € 500.000.


Find more information about IoF2020 HERE 

Pre-register for the Open Call HERE