CEMA partner-project "Smart AKIS" wins EU research funding

CEMA is pleased to announce that the Smart AKIS project (in which CEMA is a participating partner) was selected for funding by the European Commission under the Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry H2020 Call for proposals 2014 - 2015. 

Smart AKIS is aimed at examining the suitability and use of Smart Farming Technologies in EU Agriculture involving farmers, the ag machinery industry, academia, research centres, ag engineering and public bodies. Inter alia:

  • The project will establish an inventory of the most suitable Smart Farming technologies available for European agriculture, screening results from research-based EU projects and commercial applications already available on the market developed – inter alia – by the ag machinery industry.
  • Farmers, ag advisors and other practitioners will be consulted and involved so as to identify their specific needs and the reasons why some of the latest technologies are not more widely picked up in European agriculture.
  • The project aims to identify a range of Smart Farming Solutions that should more actively be encouraged by agricultural policies to increase innovation and technology uptake in European Agriculture. 

The Smart AKIS project started in March 2016 and will run for 30 months. The Agricultural University of Athens will coordinate the overall project as well as the contributions from the 13 partners*** from 8 European countries where different cropping systems (arable crops, tree crops, open field vegetables, vineyards) will be covered.

***DLG (DE), University of Wageningen (NL), Leibiniz Centre for Ag Landscape Research (DE), BioSense Institute (Serbia), ACTA (FR), Navarra Institute for Agri-food Technologies and Infrastructures (ES), DLV Plant (NL), Regional Gov of Vojvodina (Serbia), Iniciativas Innovadoras (ES), CEMA (BE), CUMA (FR), EurAgEng (UK). Coordinator: Agricultural University of Athens






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