CEMApεdia: Parliamentary hearings of the Commissioners-candidate

The hearings of the future Commissioners in the European Parliament are a key step in the forming of the new European Commission.

Following their nominations by the President-elect and an exchange of written questions & answers with the European Parliament, the candidates are invited individually and in person for an exchange of views with the parliamentary Committe that corresponds to their portfolio.  

Parliament uses this as an opportunity to asssess the political programme of the Commissioner designate and to evaluate the personal and professional suitability of the candidate in question. In the past, certain Commissioners desginate became the focus of political controversy and, as a result, faced a veritable 'grilling' in the European Parliament. In 2004 and 2009, the European Parliament rejected certain Commissioners designate, forcing the incoming President of the European Commission and the Member States to present alternative candidates instead - which were subsequently approved and accepted by the European Parliament. 


This year, hearings are foreseen to run from 29 September to 7 October 2014.

The European Parliament is set to vote on the full Commission on 22 October. If everything goes acccording to plan, the new European Commission would formally start work on 1 November. Incoming Commission President Juncker was already approved in a prior vote on 15 July.


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