Research: EU Agriculture Commissioner Hogan kicks-off EU-funded AGROCYCLE project on Circular Economy

AGROCYCLE the Horizon 2020 project on agricultural waste valorisation, in which CEMA is a partner, was officially kicked off by Agriculture Commissioner Hogan in Dublin last month of June.

In words of Commissioner Hogan "Agrocycle was selected out of 280 projects proposals to put forward the 

Circular Economy in Europe". Bringing together 26 partners from Europe and China, the 3-year project, coordinated by the University College of Dublin, aims to achieve a 10 % increase in waste recycling and valorisation by 2020. How? Agrocycle will look at the most relevant agricultural waste streams coming from the: wine, olive oil, horticulture, fruit, grassland, swine, dairy and poultry sectors, to convert low value agricultural waste into highly valuable products.

To fight against the 700 million tonnes of waste produced by European Agriculture every year, Agrocycle will assess or develop several technologies to convert agricultural residues and livestock effluents into bio-fertilisers, bio-fuels,  bio-components for bio-packages, etc. 

Importantly, the project will also look for new business models to investigated possible commercialisation of some methodologies and technologies. 

A lot will be happening in the coming months and CEMA is already hands-on to be a key contributor to the success of the project. 

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