Edition September 2017
15 Sep, 2017

European Parliament acknowledges Precision Farming's potential to reduce farm-related CO2 emissions

UPDATE: On Wednesday, 13 September, the European Parliament approved during it's plenary meeting the amendment underlining the potential of Precision Farming and Digital Farming in reducing CO2 emissions. This amendment is part of... 

Rural broadband essential to master the real explosion in data flows in Digital Farming

EU Broadband Competence Office releases interview with CEMA's Secretary General 

NEW EU Report on Digitising European Industries (DEI)

Underlines the need to strengthen digital platforms in Smart Agriculture 

COMING UP SOON: #CEMASummit 2017 - Farming 4.0

Connected farm machines: paving the way for Tractor-2-X communication

To deploy Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) & Vehicle-to-‘Thing’ (V2X) communication, two things are essential: the necessary technology & a dedicated frequency band to operate in

Countdown for the 'Mother' Regulation: European type-approval for ALL tractors as of 1 January 2018

Regulation 167/2013 will become mandatory for most wheeled tractor types & related components

Brochure: EU diesel engine emission limits for tractors

FAQ' Guidance Document available now! 

Event: IoF2020 debate on the “Future of Farming”


'Future of Farming'

10-12h, Wednesday, 27 September 2017

@the European Parliament - Room A5G-1

Event: POLITICO Agriculture - Food Summit