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CEMA protocol 
provides a standardised way to measure and report on vibration levels and the exact conditions under which vibration exposure is occurring. It is intended for all those involved in the evaluation of whole body vibration exposure to assist them in their task. Any filled in questionnaires may always be send to info@cema-agri.org. Based on the data you provide CEMA may continue to improve the protocol and gain insight in WBV. Any useful outcome will be made available on this website.
CEMA ‘practical user’s guide’
is a non-binding guide to good practice with a view to implementation of Directive 2002/44/EC. It provides usefull information for employees and  employers on how to decrease the susceptibility for the occurrence of backpain, by proper use of the right equipment and by placing WBV in the right perspective taking into account other factors. It is based on the HSE information sheet 'WBV in agriculture'
CEMA is not to be kept liable for any misuse of this information.  The information provided on this website will be regularly updated and visible for a period of at least 10 years.