Global Food Security


Each second, the world’s population grows by nearly 3 more people, that is 240,000 people a day. By 2025, the global population will reach 8 billion people and 9.6 billion by 2050. This means there will be an extra billion mouths to feed within the next 11 years. And within one generation, there will be more people additionally on the planet than there were at the beginning of the 20th century.

Feeding the growing world population poses a formidable challenge. By 2050, it is estimated that food production needs to increase by 50-70% to keep pace. Even in the best of circumstances, sustainably satisfying this hugely increased demand for crops and livestock will be an enormous task.



To meet these ever-growing food demands in a sustainable way, we need to produce more with less. To do so, we need to embrace smarter farming technologies and build more sustainable food production systems.

Smart farm machines can help farmers to meet the increasing food demand in the coming years in a sustainable way. Thanks to high-precision satellite positioning systems and a multitude of sensors which closely monitor and record farm operations, smart machines help farmers to optimize and increase crop yields while reducing the use of agricultural inputs (such as fertilizer, pesticides or irrigation water).

Growing use of smart machines and further technological progress will therefore help to boost farm output, raise farmers’ income, and promote sustainability in farming.



  • The EU needs to make global food security a political priority
  • The EU needs to recognize and understand the important role of smart farm machinery and precision agriculture to tackle this challenge
  • The EU needs to devise ways and schemes to boost further research and support farmers’ ability to invest in advanced farming equipment to unleash the full potential of smart farm machinery and precision agriculture

“Feeding the planet is a global concern and should be a priority for the EU. Smart machines can help to tackle this challenge. The EU should promote further research in precision agriculture and support farmers’ ability to invest in advanced equipment.”


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