To assist you in finding more information on whole body vibration, how to calculate your daily exposure value, how to prevent low back pain, and other useful tips we provide you with some useful websites/documents:
Whole body vibration in general
  • HSE (UK Health and Safety Executive) provides advice for employers on the control of vibration at work. It is mainly intended to be in line with UK regulations but provides useful tips.
  • HSE has also a dedicated information sheet for WBV exposure in agriculture
  • In 2006 the European Commission has published a 'Guide to good practice on Whole Body Vibration'. It is a non-binding guide to good practice with a view to the implementation of directive 2002/44/EC on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (vibrations). It is also available in French and German.
Vibration calculator
  • HSE (UK Health and Safety Executive) has a very good vibration calulator in the form of an easy to use excell sheet
  • UMEA University of Sweden has also a exposure calculator. You can only fill in one vibration value which is the highest value from the three directions measured. It is not an excell sheet so you have to go each time to their website. But it is easy to use and gives also the exposure time for a certain vibration level measured in order to reach the action value of 0.5 m/s².