How to harmonize road use criteria for mobile machines

In a new position paper (click on the link below to read in full), the associations representing the European producers of mobile machines outline their proposals on how the EU can achieve the long-awaited harmonisation of road circulation requirements for such equipment. 

According to the paper signed by CEMA, CECE (construction equipment), EGMF (garden equipment), EUnited Municipal Equipment and FEM (material handling equipment) the major goal must be to put in place one single approval allowing authorisation for road circulation of a mobile machine in all EU Member States without further technical requirements.

The position paper also includes suggestions on how an approval procedure could look like by minimizing bureaucracy and utilising existing relevant legislation or harmonised standards.

The associations have also defined columns with safety aspects relevant for mobile machinery, each one with a discreet procedure to verify the compliance of mobile machinery with the technical requirements. 

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