Next CAP should support green technology investments (like Precision Farming)


NEW Position Paper: the next CAP should support

green technology investments (like Precision Farming)


Adding a new Agricultural Sustainable Productivity Bonus (ASPB) scheme to the CAP could help to achieve environmental and greening goals after 2020 while at the same time supporting farmers' income and competitiveness.

This is the key message of CEMA's new position paper on the CAP reform (available in FULL by clicking on the link below) which explains:

  • why a scheme like the proposed ASPB is needed in the next CAP
  • which kind of precision agriculture technologies could be eligible under such a scheme
  • what benefits the scheme would bring

The paper outlines these ideas under the following 7 headings:

  1. Total Factor Productivity (TFP) as an enabling concept for reforming the CAP
  2. DG AGRI’s recent survey on TFP in the EU supports CEMA’s analyses
  3. The social & economic challenges of a low TFP
  4. Producing more with less
  5. Introducing an Agricultural Sustainable Productivity Bonus (ASPB) to the CAP
  6. How could the ASPB practically work?
  7. Tangible benefits of the ASPB approach


[1] This paper is CEMA’s 2nd position paper on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). It is supplementary to the first one (issued in February 2015 and available at whose general approach remains valid. Since then, CEMA has become an active member of the European Commission Civil Dialog Group (CDG) on the CAP. Within this group and other think-tanks, CEMA has had the opportunity to exchange with key-stakeholders on the future of the CAP. Thanks to these fruitful discussions CEMA developed a refined vision on how the CAP might be reformed and how EU agriculture could be modernized. 


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