Business Barometer

14 Jun, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer – Index bounces back up again by 8 points

The June index shows a very positive mood in the industry, as 40% of manufacturers and dealers expect increasing sales in the next 6 months. Overall, the Index rises again by 8 points.

14 May, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer: index continues to drop

12 Apr, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer: index falls by 6 points

In March, the CEMA Business Index fell by 6 points again. Nevertheless, the economic situation for most of the companies remains good.

15 Mar, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer: index rises by another 5 points

The business index for European agricultural machinery has risen once again by 5 points due to a more favourable assessment of the current business situation and higher growth expectations.

13 Feb, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer: index rises by 5 points and reaches highest value since May 2012

More companies now expect higher orders and turnover again, with impulses coming from France, Italy, and Spain.

17 Jan, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer: expectations slightly more positive again

The downward slope of the December index has been reversed again in January, both in terms of the current situation and future growth expectations. In particular, the business climate in Italy and Spain is assessed somewhat more positively than in previous months.