Business Barometer

13 Oct, 2014

CEMA Business Barometer - Index drops again by 8 points

The October CEMA Business Barometer shows a downward trend, declining again by 8 points.

15 Sep, 2014

CEMA Business Barometer - Index decreases by 7 points in September


The September Business Barometer shows that the downward trend in terms of turnover and order intake in the agricultural machinery industry has continued.

11 Aug, 2014

CEMA Business Barometer falls again by 6 points in August


The downward trend for the agricultural machinery sector in Europe is thus gaining ground. The CEMA business climate index has declined for seven months in a row. Current levels shows that a majority is expecting sales to continue to shrink in the months ahead. In addition, more and more entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with their current business.

16 Jun, 2014

CEMA Business Barometer drops again by 9 points in June


19 May, 2014

CEMA Business Barometer falls by 10 points in May

The CEMA Business Barometer survey shows this time a clear trend. After some ups and downs over the last nine months, the European agricultural machinery industry seems to switch towards an economic downswing.

The major indicators are:

15 Apr, 2014

The CEMA Business Barometer - index decreases by 7 points in April


The European agricultural machinery industry is still in a solid economic position, with many markets running on high levels of demand. Nevertheless, recent months have shown that the outlook for the near future has become more uncertain. Every third company expected the orders to decrease in this month, while only 19% see further growth.