Business Barometer

18 Sep, 2013

CEMA climate index drops by 6 points


The CEMA climate Index drops by six points reaching the level of the previous six months.  The exceptional degree of optimism in August was mainly due to a jump in turnover in July.

Nevertheless, growth perspectives remain positive for the coming months.

21 Aug, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer: index rises up to 20 points


The CEMA August index rose again reaching 20 points for the first time in the past 18 months.

12 Jul, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer: index remains positive

The CEMA July index remains positive according to the good situation assessed by the companies.

Moreover, manufacturers producing lawn mowers, garden and municipal equipment consider they are improving their situation.

14 Jun, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer – Index bounces back up again by 8 points

The June index shows a very positive mood in the industry, as 40% of manufacturers and dealers expect increasing sales in the next 6 months. Overall, the Index rises again by 8 points.

14 May, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer: index continues to drop

The Business climate Index continues to drop due to a less positive evaluation of the current business situation. Manufacturers of livestock and transportation equipment are also affected by a slight reduction of orders.

Total EU market turnover and new orders in April increased by around 3%.

12 Apr, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer: index falls by 6 points

In March, the CEMA Business Index fell by 6 points again. Nevertheless, the economic situation for most of the companies remains good.