Business Barometer

17 Mar, 2014

CEMA Business Barometer – index falls by 5 points in March 2014


The CEMA Business Barometer decreases by 5 points. The overall situation remains unchanged but differences on growth expectations are more marked between regions. In this context, German manufacturers are registering top rate results for their business.


13 Feb, 2014

CEMA Business Barometer – ag equipment sales remain high at the beginning of 2014

CEMA Business Barometer – ag equipment sales remain high at the beginning of 2014

16 Jan, 2014

CEMA Business Barometer – Index bounces back up by 10 points

The CEMA Business barometer starts the year in a good mood with an increase of the index of 10 points again and expecting a high level of stability for turnover in the first semester of 2014.

EU market turnover increased by around 2% in December and new orders by 5%. As regards the two strongest markets, Germany registered turnover growth while the French market slightly decreased.  

16 Dec, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer falls again by 10 points in December

The CEMA climate index continues its zigzag course, pointing down this time, as market expectations are less enthusiastic than in the previous months. In this context, EU market turnover decreased by 5% and new orders by 3%.

Regarding export business outside the EU, results for turnover volume stay positive at 2% while new orders go down reaching 0%.

18 Nov, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer up again by 10 points in November

The CEMA climate index climbs again by 10 points in November, thanks to a positive assessment of current business and an optimistic market outlook.

21 Oct, 2013

CEMA Business Barometer – Index decreases again by 6 points

The CEMA climate index declines by six points for the second month in a row