Position Papers

20 Jul, 2018

CEMA supports new legislation on UK type-approvals after Brexit

Amendments under preparation to provide higher legal certainty to agricultural machinery manufacturers.

11 Dec, 2017

CAP position: Smart Agriculture for All Farms

What needs to be done to help small farms access to Precision Agriculture? How can the next CAP help?

21 Nov, 2017

Position Paper: Brexit & Agricultural Machinery


Brexit & Agricultural Machinery: What Trade Deal Is Needed? What Are the Risks for Farmers and the Industry? 


24 Oct, 2017

For An Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy

Joint Industry Reaction Paper

18 Oct, 2017

Innovative livestock technologies: making livestock farming more animal-friendly, sustainable & competitive

3-Point Action Plan to unleash the full benefits of these technologies

21 Sep, 2017

Industry pledges to halve fatal on-road accidents with farm machines by 2035

CEMA presents Roadmap for Action