Position Papers

13 Feb, 2017

Digital Farming: what does it really mean?


6 Feb, 2017

Connected Agricultural Machines in Digital Farming

How AEF & AgGateway work together on interoperability

7 Dec, 2016

Why mandatory ABS on tractors does not make sense: unassessed risks, high costs & other, more urgent priorities


6 Dec, 2016

STUDY - "The Agricultural Machinery Market & Industry in Europe"

An analysis of the most important structural trends & why EU regulation for the sector needs to change

13 Nov, 2016

CEMA's SME Group calls for EU action

EU should address 4 structural challenges to support SMEs

29 Aug, 2016

Agricultural research: EU should focus on Precision Farming, resource efficiency & digitisation

CEMA comments on the 2018/19 priorities of Horizon 2020's Societal Challenge 2