Position Papers

13 Apr, 2011

CEMA position on narrow track tractors

The CEMA file requesting a delay for the narrow track tractors in the emissions scheme is finally up for discussion in European Parliament. CEMA is fully committed to the reduction of exhasut emissions but lack of state of the art technology might endanger this group of very dedicated machines.

5 Apr, 2011

CECE-CEMA-FEM position paper on increased flexibility for NRMM

Urgent 1th Reading Agreement on the Enlarged Flexibility Scheme for Exhaust Emissions of Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) and Tractors is required.

15 Jan, 2011

CECE & CEMA position on CO2 emissions of mobile machinery

The European mobile machinery industry is committed to CO2 reduction but it should be a "market driven" approach and a "holistic" approach

10 Dec, 2010

CEMA Position Paper related to enlarge flexibility provisions from 20 to 50% for tractors and NRMM

CEMA urges for a fast adoption in Council and Parliament.

1 Dec, 2010

CEMA Position Paper Regarding the legal aspects of the proposed regulation on the type approval of agricultural vehicles

The agricultural machinery sector works with authorized dealers and opening up access to independent repairers to repair and maintenance information is not approrpiate and not legal.

31 Oct, 2009

CEMA Position Paper on the Draft Mother Regulation for Tractors - Technical Repair Information

CEMA raises serious concerns in the copy-paste exercise from automotive to tractor legislation