Position Papers

14 Jul, 2015

CEMA submission to EU consultation on CO2 emissions' reduction from Agriculture & LULUCF

Coherent EU policy approach needed to take full advantage of the positive contributions that can be made by innovative ag machine technology

23 Apr, 2015

Taking tractors’ braking performance to the next level

New EU Braking Regulation to improve road safety performance of machines

17 Mar, 2015

CEMA reaction on EU's narrow tractor report

Shortfalls and limitations cast doubt on the feasibility of its conclusions

4 Mar, 2015

Industry asks for maintaining replacement engine provision

The new proposal on exhaust emission for NRMM excludes the opportunity to place on the market newly build previous stage replacement engines. These engines are limited in number, but can be very important in certain cases. Therefore the industry associations CECE, CEMA, Euromot and FEM ask for a similar provision as is applicable in the current legislation.

25 Feb, 2015

Completing the Internal Market for Non-Road Mobile Machines (NRMMs)

The need for harmonisation of national road circulation rules

2 Feb, 2015

Towards a New Strategic Agenda for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2020