Position Papers

22 Jan, 2015

TTIP: Closing the gap between the US and the EU for construction and farm equipment

Joint position paper by CECE and CEMA lists specific examples of regulatory and technical divergences for construction and farm equipment in the US and EU

9 Jan, 2015

Maximizing the use & benefits of virtual tests for agricultural machines

EU legislation will need adjustments to expand use of virtual tests

17 Dec, 2014

Access to vehicle Repair & Maintenance Information (RMI)

Additional EU measures are needed to protect users against tampering and safety risks

4 Dec, 2014

The role of bee-friendly agricultural equipment in encouraging the protection of pollinators & biodiversity in the farmed environment

28 Nov, 2014

External trade: facilitating access to foreign markets & global trade in agricultural machinery

18 Nov, 2014

CEMA position on exhaust emission legislation for non-road mobile machinery: More time needed

New CEMA position paper on the revision of Directive 97/68/EC regarding exhaust emissions of non-road mobile machinery. The main request is an extension of the transition scheme with 6 months.