As part of the New EU strategy on data sharing launched last 25 of April, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an area of strategic importance and a key driver of economic development at European level. 

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Tackling Societal Challenges

The Commission strongly believes in the added value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help solve many societal challenges from helping doctors to make faster and more accurate medical diagnoses, reducing accidents, helping slimmer and tailor made administration, support in the fight against climate change, to assisting farmers in using fewer pesticides for their crops. And the Commission is willing to make the necessary investments that  will support fundamental research, the establishment of AI research excellence centres and the uptake of AI across Europe, with a toolbox for potential users, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, non-tech companies and public administrations.

Investments to come

Overall the aim is to mobilise more than €500 million in total investments in the period 2018-2020 across a range of key sectors through the European Fund for Strategic Investments.

Besides, in order to bring AI closer to companies the Digital innovation hubs will play a crucial role.

Skills and knowledge

Europeans should have every opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to master new technology. Several pilot projects are selected but unfortunately agriculture is not part of them yet.

Ensuring an appropriate ethical and legal framework

With AI making decisions instead of humans calls for ethical rules. These ethical guidelines to be developed by the Commission will address issues such as the future of work, fairness, safety, social inclusion, algorithmic transparency, and more broadly, will look at he impact on fundamental rights, including privacy, dignity, consumer protection and non-discrimination.

To be noted, with AI integrated in products allowing to detect the cause of damage, liability rules can clarify the conditions under which the producer can be made liable if the AI appoints him as the culprit.

Further information can be found on "Digital Single Market / Artificial Intelligence"