With the final Brexit date getting closer and still no certainty on the possible Brexit withdrawal agreement, a hard Brexit on 29 March 2019 becomes more likely.

EU legislation has been published to deal with the EU type-approvals issued by UK authorities and the UK government is also developing procedures with respect to placing on the UK market vehicles and machines. What needs to be done exactly depends on the negotiations in the coming weeks, but the potential obligations in case of a hard Brexit are getting clearer. 

The following requirements apply for the UK market in case of a hard Brexit without a deal where there is a distinction between agricultural tractors and other machines and components.


All tractors with an EU27-issued whole vehicle type-approval will require a provisional UK whole vehicle type-approval to be placed on the UK market. This is a relatively simple procedure set up by the UK government. This provision is applicable for a limited period of time and most likely until 29 March 2021. More information on how to apply for the UK type-approval scheme can be found hereApplicants are advised to apply as early as possible and preferably before the end of February for processing. We have been informed that provisional UK whole vehicle type-approval would not be released before the 29 March deadline.

Agricultural trailers and towed machinery (category R & S vehicles) don’t require a type-approval to be placed on the UK market. Therefore, they can continue to be placed on the UK market as long as they meet the requirements set in the Construction and Use legislation.

Non-road mobile machinery, engines and other components:

UK provisional approval will initially be only optional for trailers, engines for NRMM and components and placing these on the UK market on the basis of a valid EU approval will be allowed for the next two years. For vehicles, machines and components this is the situation in near future. How the situation will be in the medium and long term is not clear yet.

Brexit with a deal

In case the withdrawal agreement is approved the expectation will remain as it is, as long as the transitional period is applicable. This will probably be at least until 31 December 2020. Depending on the negotiations on the future relationship there will be requirements for after that period.

In general you can find information on the placing on the UK market of vehicles, machines and components after Brexit on the following website


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