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1 year of the Code of Conduct, letter of support on modern mutagenesis techniques, meeting with the Board of CLIMMAR

The EU Code of Conduct on agricultural data-sharing celebrates 1 year adding co-signatories

One year after its release, the EU Code of Conduct on Agricultural Data Sharing has been accepted and signed by over ten key European agricultural sector organisations. CEMA together with all signatories is convinced of the importance of setting transparent principles and guidelines to support the development of digital farming, which demonstrates the need for increased data sharing in agriculture.

Following its launch on 23rd April 2018, the EU Code of Conduct on Agricultural Data Sharing has received the support of two additional international federations: Centre de Liaison International des Marchands de Machines Agricoles et des Reparateurs (CLIMMAR) and AnimalhealthEurope.

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CEMA joins concerns on the possible treatment of modern mutagenesis techniques as GMO

21 European organisations expressed their concern in a letter about the European Court of Justice ruling that the provisions of the EU GMO Directive imply that products resulting from innovative, targeted mutagenesis methods are regulated under the provisions of the GMO-Directive. That would mean high costs and delays in a much-needed technology in support of agriculture in general in terms of sustainability and farmers in particular in terms of competitiveness.

These modern mutagenesis technologies are much more precise than the current techniques using chemical agenda or radiation to enforce genetic mutation. But the principle is the same.

CEMA recognises the great benefits for agriculture and the threat that Europe, a front runner currently on the development of that technology, would stay globally behind.

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CEMA President & Secretary General meet with CLIMMAR Board 

Anthony van der Ley CEMA President and Jerome Bandry CEMA Secretary General engaged last 18th April with the Board of CLIMMAR, the European Association of international distributors Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, in a meeting hosted at Lemken's Headquarters.

The session helped CEMA discuss further cooperation opportunities and reinforce the open dialogue with such a key partner for the Agricultural Machinery Industry.

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Digital transformation in agriculture: the role of remote sensing

On March 27th, the workshop “Digital transformation in agriculture: the role of remote sensing” took place in Scotland House, Brussels. The event was organised by the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) in collaboration with the Directorate General for Agriculture (DG AGRI). The workshop focused on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and on the opportunities for the remote sensing industry.

In the morning, the speeches of Pierre Bascou (Director of Sustainability and Income support at DG AGRI), Claudia Muresan (policy officer at DG GROW) and Markus Probeck (EARSC Director) intended to setting the scene from the points of view of European players and policy-makers, focusing on the proposal for the post-2020 CAP (Bascou) and the presentation of the Copernicus Programme (Muresan).

The following session was centred on the implementation of the CAP measures and included a presentation of the FaST tool (a digital platform that the Commission is proposing to help farmers managing the nutrients at farms’ level), made by Isidro Campos (DG AGRI). Finally, in the afternoon, eight members companies of EARSC presented their products and remote sensing services in support of agriculture.

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