Dear CEMA friends and colleagues,

#ThisTimeImVoting is the lead slogan voiced by the EU to encourage citizens to vote on the 2019 European Elections. We, as Europeans, get an opportunity to directly influence the European Institutions of tomorrow. The choices we make in the coming days are ours to decide upon, and will shape the new European Parliament, possibly making room for new political formations which have appeared on national scenes or still allowing for a coalition of the main transnational political families.

Through a contribution to the EU 27 informal leaders’ meeting held 9th of May in Sibiu (Romania), the outgoing European Commission made recommendations for the EU’s strategic agenda 2019-2024 and reviewed achievements over the past 5 years, highlighting the unemployment reduction at EU level, the end of roaming charges, the completion of a European satellites’ constellation “Galileo” among others but also recalling crucial events that have marked its agenda such as the economic situation in Greece, the migration crisis or more recently the unexpected Brexit. The European Executive reinforced that a “united Europe” will be stronger against adversity than individual countries.

In turn, the European leaders signed the 10-points Declaration of Sibiu  that show their commitment towards the future of a solid and united European Union. 

CEMA, as the unified voice of European Manufacturers of advanced agricultural machinery and solutions, is also ready to stress recommendations and priorities to the new European Institutions.

We are committed to create value for the farmer, the contractor, the user of our machinery, but we need a supportive legislative framework, fit for our industry and proportionate to the usage of our products.

We call on the renewed institutions to deliver on key initiatives for the uptake of digital farming technologies. A solid & modernized CAP stands out from all fronts, supporting farmers of all sizes to invest in technology and skills while reinforcing competitiveness in new markets at global level. According to the last Agri Ministers Council meeting, Member States still show reservations on the new delivery model. The Romanian Presidency wants to secure a partial general approach by mid-June, and Commissioner Hogan called on delegations to stand ready to commence trilogues on the CAP reform package if the European Parliament “is ready to do so in the autumn.” But we also need to deliver on Horizon Europe, which is key to boost research and innovation for the agri-food  chain, including machinery and solutions, and including large corporates, mid-caps and SMEs. And we will go nowhere fast without Digital infrastructure deployment and initiatives like Smart Villages. CEMA is therefore highly supportive of the Joint Declaration on the key role of Smart Farming in the agri-food sector, signed by 24 Member States last month during the Digital Days.

Tomorrow, we will need together to turn commitments into realities and advance agricultural machinery and solutions for sustainable farming for the benefit of our citizens. 

But today, we get to decide together the Europe we want. #ThisTimeImVoting

Jerome Bandry,

CEMA Secretary General