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INNOSETA is a European funded project aimed at assessing the use & promoting the adoption of most advanced spraying equipment tools and services in EU Agriculture.

The project is glad to announce the launch of the INNOSETA Platform. You can register here to upload or search for technologies, training material, projects or papers. Information in 8 different languages!

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The Need

Novel Spraying Equipment and Training and Advising procedures have a potential to supply more productive and sustainable agricultural production, based on a more precise and efficient pest prevention product approach. Most practitioners see the benefits of innovative SETA in agricultural production and the environment. However, the fast pace of development, their complexity, and diversity in farm sizes in Europe, cultural perception, and lack of expertise and economic constraints are drawbacks that have hindered adoption by farmers. In addition, an innovation gap exists, as “researchers invent things that are often not picked up by the end-users as they are often not aware of the applied research, as well as they often don’t deal with the issues that matter to farmers”.

It is absolutely needed to provide tools and solutions to guarantee a better profit of the latest developments and improvements in spraying application, for all EU farmers. 


You can download the full press release with more details on the Platform HERE  

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