CEMA Technical Director raises the need to have regulations and standards in place


The 2019 edition of the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics took place on 10th & 11th December 2019 in Toulouse – France. CEMA presented the angle of regulations and standardisation. With 850 participants it was again a great success

CEMA, represented by Technical Director Ivo Hostens, entered the debate on the need for regulations and standardisation for a bright future of robotics. He explained that the Machinery Directive as it stands is suitable for robotics. Still, further clarification is needed on how to reach a safe state in order to comply with the Machinery directive. 

Besides, Dr Hostens mentioned standardisation is the right pathway to ensure that global insight and methodologies can be developed. It can also be the basis to add clarification in applicable legislation.

Ethical Guidelines on Robotics for Agriculture to come soon

CEMA experts, with support from the American (AEM) and Japanese (JAMMA) colleagues, are working hard to come with ethical guidelines to set framework conditions and draft standards on levels of automated functions and requirements for perception systems in support of manufacturers doing their risk assessment in both design and operational phase.