Don’t miss: April Business Mood Report, Podcast on iVT & press article (FR) on the impact of Covid-19 on ag machinery


The health and safety of our employees and stakeholders have been the utmost priority at CEMA. In this difficult time, preventive measures have been taken due to the COVID-19 crisis and the CEMA Secretariat switched to remote working as required by local authorities, finding new ways to communicate and engage.

In fact, despite this unfortunate and unusual situation, the CEMA Secretariat did not slow down its daily activities, quite the contrary.

As the voice of Europe’s agricultural machinery industry, we feel a duty towards the manufacturers of the agriculture machinery and solutions sectors. Regular web meetings - CEMA Board, Strategic Committee - take place to closely follow the situation the industry is facing across Europe. Besides, work is on-going as smoothly as possible on technical files or contributions to research projects CEMA is involved in (check out the articles on NEFERTITI Annual Meeting and Digital Advisory Tools & Services to FAIRshare inventory). Regular teleconferences are organized with legislators as well as other European associations and CEMA coalition partners.

Moreover, the CEMA Secretariat keeps the public up to date with all of the relevant information on the challenges affecting our sector. And special attention is devoted to monitoring the business mood ‘April Barometer here’ and the progressive back to the business of CEMA companies in some countries. On this, you can listen and read a couple of recent interviews with CEMA Secretary General Jerome Bandry explaining the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the ag machinery industry:

Stay safe,

CEMA team