Document: 2020_02_20_CEMA_-_position_paper_R-S_categories_fuses.pdf

CEMA advocates for fuses usage only for tractors


The CEMA Technical Board has put together a position paper (CLICK HERE) to bring clarifications on the requirement set by EU Regulation 2015/208 that makes mandatory the use of fuses in all agricultural vehicles in order to get EU-type approval. Different interpretations among national authorities may trigger extra costs for manufacturers if there is no alignment at EU level.

Please find a Q&A to explain the issue:

1) What’s the main issue regarding the installation of fuses for any category of vehicle?

The main issue is a different interpretation between Member States authorities of a requirement set in EU Regulation 2015/208 regarding the installation of fuses for any category of vehicle. Some national authorities request it for any kind of vehicle while others don’t. According to the CEMA position this should be only applicable to tractors.

2) Why fuses are installed in agricultural vehicles?

Fuses are a protection for the electrical components/equipment against electric overload. The use of fuses avoids damage in the electric components of the vehicle and protects therefore from an unexpected behavior of the vehicle.

3) Which types of vehicles are concerned?

Under the current Regulation 167/2013 tractors, trailers, and all towed machinery ‘R & S’ categories (e.g. balers, sprayers, loader wagons, manure spreader, seed drills, agricultural mowers).

4) Are fuses a pre-condition to get EU Type-Approval for these types of vehicles?

Today, depending on the national authority where the vehicle is submitted to get EU Type approval, fuses can be a compulsory requirement or not. Therefore, this difference among national authorities may trigger extra costs for manufacturers, which could be avoided if national authorities had the same interpretation.

5) CEMA position and recommendation

CEMA considers that fitting fuses to R and S vehicles are not necessary because electrical sources are only fitted on tractors.