The future Common Agricultural Policy is currently under trilogue negotiation


On 14th January 2021 the European Commission published a list of agricultural practices that the eco-schemes foreseen in the future CAP could support. Eco-schemes are a novelty instrument included in the future CAP conceived as a way to reward farmers taking extra steps in environmental care and climate action.

The document proposes the following conditions for agricultural practices to be supported by eco-schemes:

  • they should cover activities related to climate, environment, animal welfare and antimicrobial resistance;
  • they shall be defined on the basis of the needs and priorities identified at national/regional levels;
  • their level of ambition has to go beyond the requirements and obligations established under the baseline (including conditionality);
  • they shall contribute to reaching the EU Green Deal targets.

Several examples listed are relevant for the agricultural machinery sector, such as Mechanical weed control, Reduction of fertiliser use, Precision farming, or Improved nutrient management.

As we reported back in October, the future CAP negotiations have now entered the trilogue phase. The new Portuguese Presidency of the Council has since taken over the helm of the process, with a view to reach an agreement by spring. Eco-schemes are at the heart of the discussions.