The European Commission targets  Q1 2021 to finalise the Regulation proposal for the current Machinery Directive


Around fifty new documents have been made available on the EC’s database gathering reactions from Member States and stakeholders on the proposals for the revision of the Machinery Directive. These comments result from a survey ended on 8 December 2020, following the presentation of the Commission proposals.

CEMA contributed raising main concerns on issues regarding (check CEMA Newsletter – December 2020):

  • additional requirements on the protection against corruption and safety of control systems to cover new technologies;
  • the obligation to install a supervisory control station in autonomous machinery;
  • the applicability of requirements on the travelling function to all kinds of autonomous machines;
  • the possibility for the European Commission to provide technical specifications through an Implementing Act as an alternative to a missing safety standard;
  • protection against hazardous materials and substances;
  • the provision of digital format on instruction handbook: beyond the global agreement of the use of digital format, the fear to develop a specific document for the paper format;
  • the proposal to enable the motion of the machine only when the restraint system of the seating is active;
  • the proposal to consider any machines fitted with an Artificial Intelligence module ensuring a safety function as a high-risk machine.

Among the reactions from other stakeholders the issue of allowing a digital Declaration of Conformity or not to comply with the Machinery Directive was also put forward. Another key point which remains open regards the transition period for the implementation of the “new Machinery Regulation”. Stakeholders have informed the EC an adequate transitional period would be crucial to adapt production to the new requirements.

On 23-24 March, the newly constituted Machinery Expert Group will meet and it will be the opportunity to find out the text on the Regulation proposal. CEMA will closely follow these developments and assess if the draft text takes into account the industry concerns and suggestions.

*Note: Out of the revision work of the Machinery Directive, there has been the recent publication in the OJEU of (EU) Implementing Decision 2021/377 to update the list of safety standards giving presumption of conformity to Directive 2006/42/EC. This list contains in particular references to:

  • EN 12965:2019 “Power take-off (PTO) drive shafts and their guards – Safety”
  • EN 13525:2020 “Woodchippers – Safety”
  • EN ISO 4254-11/A1 “Pick-up balers – Safety”