Eco-schemes under new CAP can be deployed to boost organic farming

 The European Commission has put forward an ambitious action plan that comes under the umbrella of the Green Deal sustainability objectives.

Therefore, boosting organic food production and targeting a shift of at least 25% of the EU’s agricultural land into organic farming becomes one of the key legs of the Farm To Fork Strategy. 

The recently approved action plan focuses on three main areas: 

1. stimulate demand and ensure consumer trust 
2stimulate conversion and reinforce the entire value chain 
3. organics leading by example: improve the contribution of organic farming to environmental sustainability

Today, about 8.5% of EU's agricultural area is farmed organically, and the trends show that with the present growth rate, the EU will reach 15-18% by 2030.

The future CAP will include eco-schemes which will be backed by a budget of €38 – 58 billion, for the period 2023 – 2027, depending on the outcome of the CAP negotiations and the eco-schemes can be deployed to boost organic farming.

A transition towards more organic farming practices is not the easiest one. Investment in farm equipment, adoption of new crops more resilient to pests, different farming practices replacing the application of pesticides and mineral fertilizerswill be some of the key elements thatwill certainly need to be at the core of this shiftFor those farmers willing to embrace thechallenge, clear support at the technical, financial and practical level needs to be ensured. The future CAP will be the enabler to support this transformation, as well as advanced agricultural machinery and solutions.

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