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European farmers are increasingly facing new challenges linked to the effects of climate change, but at the same time must guarantee high levels of production and quality to meet the market growing demands. Therefore, agriculture must aim to a greater efficiency from a qualitative and quantitative point of view taking into account the environmental sustainability to comply with the European Directives. To this extent, a significant reduction of chemical inputs in agriculture is expected. To achieve this goal, the adoption of crop protection strategies based on precision agriculture and optimization of spraying equipment for the distribution of Plants Protection Products (PPP) is a bedrock. Spraying technologies are undergoing important improvement in terms of efficiency and safety as a consequence of the latest advances in electronics, data management and safety aspects, where European agricultural machinery manufacturers play an important role. Despite this, a significant gap between new research findings, industrial innovations and farmers still exists. To enhance European agriculture sustainability, it is necessary to make novel information available for relevant agriculture stakeholders. This is where H2020 INNOSETA project (https://www.innoseta.eu/) steps in.

Therefore, thorough inventory of EU-wide research results, relevant projects on the specific thematic, innovative industry products (machineries and components) and available training materials was carried out by the INNOSETA partners and served as inputs for an ICT tool represented by an online interactive open access multi-language platform available for all stakeholders on European and world wide level. The platform was launched online on May 2019 and is available at https://platform.innoseta.eu/.

At present, the platform includes almost 1000 SETAs: a total of 190 scientific and technical papers, 76 projects, 321 industry solutions and 394 training materials are freely available for end-users in the eight languages (English, Italian, French, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Spanish, Swedish) of the Partners project Consortium. Keywords and other available filters allow users to focus their search to products they’re interested in.

Starting from year 2020 also external users (e.g. machinery and components manufactures, retailers and farmers) have the possibility to propose their records in order to keep the INNOSETA Platform always up to date. To this extent, video tutorials (one per each project partner language) are freely available to guide users through the process of SETAs uploading in their mother language. 

If you want to more, join us on 12 April 2021, 16-18h CET and gain detailed insight into the Platform functionalities. Registration for the webinar here


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 773864