Dear CEMA friends,

2021 comes to a close and what an intense year it has been!

Despite the long shadow of the pandemic, the European agricultural machinery industry bounced back decisively from the 2020 difficulties. Forecasts tells us that 2022 might be marred by supply chain disruptions, but our industry is preparing to face this challenge strongly as we did this year.

The European Union keeps pursuing its goal of a more sustainable farming system in Europe and CEMA, in its April CEMA Summit, demonstrated how big is the role that our industry can play through advanced agricultural machinery and solutions, Precision Agriculture Technologies (PATs) and smart farming. With the new Common Agricultural Policy now approved, the Member States’ National Strategic Plans must leverage the new “eco-schemes”. To unleash its full potential, this new instrument needs to support the uptake of technologies enhancing sustainable farming practices all over Europe.

In 2022, we will keep supporting our members and closely follow key ongoing policy processes such as the revision of the Machinery Directive (now Machinery Product Regulation), the Sustainable Use directive, and the Mother Regulation, but also monitoring proposals on new topics on the EU Agenda like carbon farming, or the carbon border adjustment mechanism.

We would like to thank all the stakeholders with whom we worked over the course of 2021, and we wish you a healthy, happy and successful 2022.

Yours faithfully,

Jerome Bandry

CEMA Secretary General

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