Given the worsening food security situation and high food prices brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and, in recent weeks, by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission has decided to step up its support for global action to transform food systems, and announced its decision to join eight global Coalitions for Action. Among these is the U.S.-led Coalition on Sustainable Productivity Growth (SPG) for Food Security and Resource Conservation, launched by the United States at the United Nations Food Systems Summit in September 2021.

These coalitions will serve the purpose of assisting ‚Äúpartner countries in their efforts to transform food systems and help to advance the Farm to Fork Strategy agenda internationally‚ÄĚ (see more details here). The Commission intends to work closely with Member States, UN agencies, civil society and other partners in the selected coalitions to enhance collective action.

The SPG, specifically, focuses on technology and innovations for agricultural productivity growth while addressing climate change challenges. It will provide a platform for sharing best practices, identifying knowledge gaps and research opportunities.

This engagement by the European Commission comes as part of a range of short-term and medium-term actions to enhance global food security and to support farmers and consumers in the EU in light of rising food prices and input costs, such as energy and fertilisers.

CEMA welcomes this initiative, and looks forward to further opportunities to demonstrate how advanced agricultural equipment and solutions contribute to sustainable farming, addressing both environmental, societal and economical concerns while delivering global food security.