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Brussels, 8 November 2017 – Ahead of the upcoming AGRITECHNICA fair in Hannover (12-18 November), the world’s largest exhibition for farm machinery, CEMA has launched a new ‘Inspection Seal’ for agricultural sprayers. When placed on a sprayer, the Inspection Seal indicates that the machine:

  • has undergone strict in-house quality checks during production;
  • is in full conformity with all the latest EU safety & environmental requirements; and
  • is ready for use in all EU markets, without additional inspection tests.

The Inspection Seal helps customers to save time and money: when seeing the Seal on a sprayer, they can rest assured that the machine – if properly used and maintained – will pass the in-use inspection (EN ISO 16122), thereby effectively eliminating the need for additional end-checks.

Dr. Peter Hloben, Chairman of CEMA’s Working Group on Agricultural Sprayers, said: “This is an important initiative which will benefit both customers and producers of sprayers. At CEMA, we strongly believe that an inspection-system based on our own quality assurance protocols is the most efficient and cost-effective way forward. We very much hope that the Inspection Seal will meet with wide-spread acceptance by EU Member States.”

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To explain the rationale behind the Inspection Seal and its benefits for customers, CEMA has launched a Dedicated Leaflet which is available CLICKING HERE:

sprayer inspection seal

Background Information

Manufacturers of agricultural sprayers are allowed to place their machines on the market in any of the EU’s 28 Member States when complying with the provisions of the EU’s Machinery Directive (2006/42). Thanks to an amendment in 2008, the provisions of the Directive not only cover health and safety risks of the machine, but also ensure the protection of the environment. Prior to the amendment, authorised national inspection bodies were responsible for testing each individual sprayer before giving authorisation for being placed on the national market.

This national practice continued even after 2008, although on a voluntary basis. Notwithstanding the fact that conformity with the Machinery Directive also means that the necessary quality checks in the production process have been put in place, some EU Member States still continue to demand a national inspection. The proof is a certificate and a national seal which is attached to the sprayer. 

For further information, please contact:

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