“Only if we understand the exact nature and dynamics of accidents across the EU will we be able to improve safety levels in the use of agricultural machinery. This has to be a joint European effort. CEMA is committed to play its part.”

Too many accidents still happen in the EU and in a large part of them machines are involved. The causes differ from outdated or badly maintained machines, misuse or insufficiently trained operators, technical defects etc. It is important to find effective ways and solutions that will help to reduce the number of such accidents in the years ahead as an integrated, joint effort by all relevant stakeholders.

One crucial element is to have comparable EU accident data sets. However, accident reporting systems remain nationally scattered in terms of the terminology and reporting templates used in each Member State. CEMA had initiated the development of a standard that contains a single uniform template. The result is  EN 16831:2015 (PRESS RELEASE).

Accidents with agricultural vehicles/machines happen in-field, on farm and on the road. While a majority of accidents happen on farm, focus lies more on road safety when considering the product legislation of agricultural machinery. Though more politically inspired than on real facts, CEMA has made a pledge to reduce on-road accidents with agricultural vehicles by 2035 with 50 %. Currently accidents with agricultural vehicles represent 1% of all on-road EU accidents. CEMA also calls for other stakeholders to come forward. Among the solutions are better lighting and signalling, cameras systems and early warning signals to other road users using modern wireless communication. The choice for these measures are linked to identified major causes being interaction between fast road users with slow moving agricultural machines  on crossroads and intersections with fields (PRESS RELEASE). 


To reduce & prevent on-road accidents with agricultural vehicles in the EU further, CEMA has identified the following 5 Point Action Plan as the most effective & efficient way forward:

  1. Create a uniform European accident reporting system
  2. Better lighting & signalling for greater visibility of old farm machines on the road
  3. Boost driver training to ensure greater awareness & alertness of drivers
  4. Enable Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication
  5. Enable optional installation of mirrors or camera systems at the front of farm vehicles

CEMA calls on the EU, Member States & stakeholders to make a joint effort to implement these actions as a matter of priority.