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Why Regional workshops?

In order to foster innovation-based collaborations among different stakeholders, multi-actor workshops are organized by the INNOSETA regional partners. The workshops are organized based on three crop types per region that combines the agricultural activity of each country where the innovation hubs are settled, focusing on SETA innovation process and training/advising of key stakeholders for increasing the adoption of best spraying practices.

Cross-visits of stakeholders from one “hub” to another will take place with the aim of getting inspired by others’ ideas. The selected SETA solutions will be presented at the workshops, allowing for: (i) giving feedback to the SETA research results to reach the farming community, (ii) coming up with ideas for bringing the available SETA solutions into practice (adapted to specific regional conditions or different uses), (iii) generating innovative uses for the existing SETA solutions.


Twelve workshops have been already finished and valuable feedback from the stakeholders has been collected. Eight workshops are still to come in the following months. Below you can find information on the forthcoming workshops in your country, together with statistics on attendance of the workshops so far.

It is also our pleasure to share the details on:

  1. French hub Regional workshop about field crops to be held on 26th March 2020 in Boigneville, France in collaboration with AXEMA/CEMA among others. The language of the workshop will be French. Please download the programme and register if interested CLICKING HERE. Seats are limited, therefore, a first come first served approach will be applied.
  1. Belgium/Netherlands hub Regional workshop about greenhouses to be held on 11th February 2020 in Naaldwijk, Netherlands in collaboration of Glastuinbouw Nederland, Demokwekerij Westland and World Horti Center. The language of the workshop will be Dutch. Please download the programme and register HERE if interested latest by 17th February. Seats are limited, therefore, a first come first served approach will be applied. 


2020 Innoseta Regional Workshops

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