CEMA releases priorities, outreach to UK representation


CEMA released a detailed position stressing priorities for our industry as the negotiations started between the EU-27 and the UK towards a new partnership. We asked in particular for zero tariffs / zero quotas trade agreement and regulatory dynamic alignment.

CEMA then followed-up on 20 March 2020 with representatives of the UK Mission to the EU to exchange on our priorities and discuss the rules to be applied after the transition period ends on 31 December 2020.

During this call, UK authorities reminded us of their willingness to remove the unnecessary costs but also stressed their negotiating red lines.

They are not aiming at a dynamic alignment of regulations, and will rely on:

  • the mutual recognition of conformity assessment and market surveillance systems
  • use of standards
  • recognition for motor vehicles of UNECE Regulations

UK authorities were thankful for the CEMA paper which will help them in future negotiations.

CEMA asked for a regular exchange on these negotiations.