Document: 2018-12_CEMA_Business_Barometer_Report_.pdf

The general business climate index of the agricultural machinery industry in Europe has recovered from last month's loss - and thus remains at a good level. Mainly the tractor manufacturers have become more optimistic with view to the next six months. 

New orders from outside of the EU have become significantly weaker in the last month. However, with regard to important markets within the EU, the industry is quite confident again. Especially in the large market France, an upward trend seems to solidify. 

The French industry continues to be the least satisfied in terms of its current business, but is the most optimistic one (together with the Spanish industry) with regards to the coming six months. By contrast, manufacturers from Germany are increasingly rather pessimistic about the future.

Altogether, the forecasts of the European industry remain positive: On average, the companies expect their turnover to grow by 6% in 2018, and by 3% in 2019. 


Barometer December 2018