Document: 2018-08_CEMA_Business_Barometer_Report_9.pdf

The general business climate index of the agricultural machinery industry in Europe has further deteriorated but is still on high level. The survey participants seem to integrate little impact yet from the drought in many regions of Europe. The remaining good market conditions, including relatively stable agricultural producer prices, may contribute.

According to the survey, the turnover in the coming six months is secured at a high level based on the previous order intake. The order stock of the European industry corresponds again to a production of 3.3 months, which is still the highest value at this point of time. However, there is for the first time since 2016 no longer any majority expecting the order intake to further increase.

Business climate for the livestock equipment continues to be far above the industry average, while manufacturers of arable equipment remain with the widest spread regarding evaluation of the current business. For the major European markets, a majority of survey participants still expect turnover increases. France has particularly stable prospects. Germany suffered the most significant loss of confidence. At the bottom of the confidence ranking remain the Netherlands, the Scandinavian and the CIS countries. 

Barometer August 2018