Document: Road_Circulation_for_Mobile_Machinery_-_Industry_Recommendation_-_2017_06_06_0.pdf

Self-propelled agricultural machinery such as self-propelled sprayers and harvesting equipment need to meet technical requirements before they are allowed to go on the road. At the moment each country sets their own legislation for these requirements. The European Commission is currently working on a new proposal that will harmonise these road circulation requirements and the related homologation procedures.

New legislation will reduce technical barriers and improve road safety

The current situation means that machines need changes for different markets and pass different approval procedures. For manufacturers of agricultural machinery this new legislation will significantly reduce the modifications necessary for the different markets. Moreover, there will be no need for different approval procedures anymore. At the same time this new legislation will further improve road safety by introducing state of the art requirements in countries where that is not the case at the moment. 

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