Building a European framework for the secure and trusted data space for agriculture

Start date: 1 October 2022

End date: 31 March 2024

In a nutshell:

Agriculture is at the crossroads of European priorities and the sector needs to be strengthened to reach the high targets set in the Farm to Fork strategy of the European Green Deal. The sector must embrace digital technologies to achieve these strategic objectives and maintain a competitive position in the targeted digital platform market. Huge amounts of data from multiple sources in agri-food, and generated in the context of policy implementations, have the potential to create additional services for farmers by assisting them in their decision-making processes and help to benchmark against their competitors. Moreover, there are more potential, yet unknown benefits of exchanging agricultural data among the several ecosystem players applying data technologies at larger scales to enhance both economic and environmental performance across multiple domains.

To support this, AgriDataSpace will coordinate a preparatory action to pave the way for the European data space for Agriculture that facilitates data exchange, processing and analysis in a secured, trusted, transparent and responsible manner to create new opportunities for monitoring and optimising natural resource use stimulating data-driven innovations.


The AgriDataSpace consortium brings together an excellent team of experts from leading research institutes, agriculture data intermediaries and industry associations representing 10 countries that are rooted in the EU data space ecosystem. In close interaction with stakeholder community, representing all Member States and relevant ecosystem players, they will map the current data sharing landscape and record experiences with data exchange, analyse and assess governance and business models and evolving legislation, define a technical reference architecture and integrate them in a roadmap that compiles all requirements and needed actions into a comprehensive pathway towards implementation of the EU data space for Agriculture. More specifically AgriDataSpace will:

  • Map the current landscape of on-going data sharing initiatives and design approaches in agriculture;
  • Analyse and assess current governance models and develop a multi-stakeholder governance scheme for the EU data space for agriculture;
  • Analyse and assess current business models and explore potential business models for various stakeholder relations;
  • Explore the evolving legislative framework and provide solutions and technical enablers for ethical tensions related to data sovereignty;
  • Develop a conceptual reference architecture for a common data space framework in agriculture and a reference technology canvas;
  • Engage stakeholders in various activities for evaluation and validation in order to reach broad consensus;
  • Develop a roadmap that compiles all requirements into a comprehensive pathway towards implementation of the EU data space for agriculture.

CEMA’s role:

CEMA will contribute to tasks within work package on understanding and mapping of the data sharing landscape with the overall objective to (1) deliver relevant, accurate and representative inventory of existing platforms sharing agricultural data (2) to take stock of the experienced gained with the EU code of conduct on agricultural data sharing by contractual agreement and (3) to take stock of experience gained with other types of data sharing and with the generation of data sets in the public and private domain. Furthermore, CEMA will be actively involved in the production of Roadmap towards the data space for agriculture, a tool for change: it helps define the required steps and compiles key stakeholders’ views on the essential changes and actions required for the required transformation towards the data space for agriculture. CEMA will use its network to disseminate and communicate project’s achievements in the frame of tasks within work package on Ecosystem building and stakeholder engagement.

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