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CEMA-FAO MoU stresses the importance of solid partnerships

A CEMA Strategic Committee Delegation was invited at the FAO Headquarters in Rome to take stock of the 2015 Memorandum of Understanding and exchange on key elements for a sustainable agricultural mechanization in Africa.

Bukar Tijani, Assistant Director General, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department of FAO, stressed the importance to adapt the mechanization to the local conditions and the need to define sustainable initiatives in long-term strategies.

CEMA Secretary General Jerome Bandry presented the organization priorities including “Promoting export of high-quality, high-technology, environmentally respectful European farm vehicles to increase share of third markets with high growth potential” and “Accelerating the mechanization of Agriculture across the world through sustainable incentives and capacity building, with a special focus on developing countries”, as developed in the AgriTech 2030 vision.

The FAO particularly stressed the role of the MoU in engaging with private corporations through trade associations. CEMA’s engagement in facilitating Public Private Partnerships and support FAO achieve the goals set in the Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization for Africa SAMA study were also part of the discussions.

Value creation through mechanization, integration in global trade, training, safety, capability building, as well as digitalization were some of the key elements mentioned by both organizations. CEMA and the FAO will keep working closely to deliver together solutions that enable a sustainable mechanization.

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