Improve agricultural productivity and sustainability through digital capacity building


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DATS Inventory: Get involved and add Digital Advisory Tools and Services to our inventory

FAIRshare project ( aims to ensure that farm advisors and their organisations effectively use digital advisory tools and services (DATS*), improving agricultural productivity and sustainability through innovation support actions and digital capacity building.

Three ways to get involved in FAIRshare:

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The project is gathering an evidence base of the digital tools and services used internationally. This DATS inventory is now accessible in our online platform. Consortium will generate and resource a “living laboratory”, empowering advisor peers from across the EU to interact with the online inventory and, in a series of workshops, to exchange, co-adapt, co-design and apply digital tools.

Check out details on 102 DATS already available in the Inventory by following link on the figure below and help us grow.

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 Benefits of signing up and uploading new DATS to the Inventory:

  • Your DATS will be shared widely across the advisory community in Europe;
  • Your DATS can enhance problem solving of other advisors;
  • Be connected and develop synergies with other DATS and/or advisors;
  • Improve the accessibility and availability of your DATS;
  • Your DATS could be selected to be part of a User Case in another advisory service;
  • You will increase your profile in the project and thereby increase the likelihood of being asked to participate in other project activities (i.e. workshops/focus groups/cross visits/etc.);
  • Your DATS could be selected as a Good Practice.

Get involved! Include your DATS in FAIRshare inventory!

Go to and follow the instructions.

*Digital Advisory Tools and Services (DATS) are technologies which include computer and mobile phone applications and services. They may stand alone, on individual devices, or be connected via the web. Their primary function is to assist advisors to deliver a farmer-focused, decision support service or to assist in administrative or communication tasks. DATS enable data/information to be collected, analysed and shared between farmers and their advisors, and/or between farmers and other farmers. The term DATS includes the associated backend databases and data transmission technologies, which enable advisor and farmer-facing technologies to work effectively. Also included are off-the-shelf and customized tools, which facilitate decision support through data recording, monitoring, analysis, presentation/visualization and communication between and among advisors and their client farms.



EU flagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 818488