On 1st  January 2019 Stage V becomes mandatory for tractors and non-road mobile machinery placed on the market and falling in the categories below 56kW and above 130kW. There is still the possibility to make use of the transition scheme for placing on the market tractors and non-road mobile machinery with transition engines, but only Stage V engines can be produced from next year onwards.

To provide guidance to manufacturers with respect to the implementation of Stage V Regulation 2016/1628 CEMA developed two Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) documents. The first document tackles general questions regarding the implementation of Stage V for engines and non-road mobile machinery and it was developed in cooperation with other European associations (CECE, EGMF, EUROMOT, Europgen, FEM, EUnited Municipal Equipment). The second deals specifically with agricultural tractors.

  • The guides deal with questions such as:
  • Which engines and machines can be placed on the market?
  • When does Stage V become mandatory?
  • How does the transition scheme work?
  • What marking is required?

The first drafts of these guides were published last year, but due to changes in legislation and interpretations the guides have now been updated. You can find the updated versions below. 


Stage V FAQ for NRMM

Stage V FAQ for tractors