CEMA’s Secretary General, Jérôme Bandry, will take part in the upcoming IoT Week 2018 in Bilbao, Spain, taking place between 4th and 7th June 2018.  


The Internet of Things (IoT) Week is a major annual conference bringing together stakeholders and innovators in the IoT domain. By fostering the discussion and the exchange of ideas among actors engaged in the development of IoT technologies and solutions, experts identify emerging trends and technologies that will have a significant impact in the future. With a mix of plenary and thematic sessions, workshops, networking occasions and an extensive exhibition area, the IoT Week is the place to be for anyone interested in technology, innovation and business opportunities.  

This year's event will feature Smart Farming prominently among the main themes of discussion, with a number of dedicated panel sessions taking place in the course of the second day.  

CEMA will present in the session “Industrial Solutions on Farming & Food Security” starting at 2 pm on 5th June. 

Mr. Bandry’s presentation, “Agriculture 4.0: The way forward for the Ag. Machinery industry in Europe” will focus on agricultural data exchange, ownership and sovereignty, looking at barriers, needs, and possible solutions. 

Starting from the outcomes of the Smart-AKIS project(H2020) and going over the recently released EU Code of Conduct on agricultural data sharing, Mr. Bandry will present the strategy, role and challenges for the Agricultural Machinery Industry in Europe.

Mr. Bandry will share the session with representatives from the industry, such as Thomas Engel (John Deere). 

Moreover, the IoT Week will also see the launch the IoF2020 project's long-awaited Open Call. 

To find out more about the IoT Week and to read the complete programme, click HERE