The European Research and Innovation Days, the first annual policy event of the European Commission, took place in Brussels from 24 to 26 September 2019.

The event brought together world leaders from industry, finance, academia and business to debate and shape the future research and innovation landscape with the aim to mobilise EU citizens and increase general awareness and understanding of how important research and innovation are in addressing societal challenges.

CEMA joined the event on 26 September attending following sessions:

  1. Bio-based economy: innovations in practice

The session looked at bio-based innovation: main challenges and potentials (research, macro-regional (Bio-EAST), industrial and environmental aspects), and future R&I (Intervention Area 6.4 “Bio-based innovation Systems”, and potential European Partnership for a Circular bio-based Europe).

You can watch the whole session here.

  1. Research and Innovation evidence: ingredient for better policy making

The discussion demonstrated the potential of the (untapped) evidence generated by R&I projects for policy making. Various actors highlighted their specific needs about when, how and why policy uptake is needed at their individual level. The session aimed at harvesting ideas and best practices through interaction with the audience on how to identify timely policy trends and great emerging challenges that need to be tackled.

You can watch the whole session here.

  1. Natural resources in a changing climate – spot on agriculture and forestry

How will innovation support the nexus between climate – water – nutrients in primary production (agriculture and forestry)? And how could Horizon Europe play a role in it?

You can watch the whole session here.

You can find all additional material, including event programme, speakers and the video recordings of all sessions on the European Research and Innovation Days website

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