Document: 191028_Joint_stakeholders_statement_on_the_future_CAP.pdf

Access to technology, support R&D EU programmes and sustainable farming practices center the CAP debate

The european association of dealers and repairers of agricultural machinery CLIMMAR invited Jerome Bandry Secretary General of CEMA, together with representatives from COPA-COGECA and CEETTAR to share their views on the Future of the CAP during its annual Congress held in Thun, Switzerland. 

CEMA Secretary General presented the farm equipment views on the CAP post 2020 that include to:

  • Consider Precision Agriculture as a promoter of sustainable productivity growth inagriculture
  • Encourage the uptake of Smart & Precision Agriculture Technologies (S&PAT)
  • Support the access of all type of farmers to S&PAT,
  • Ensure a notable budget shift to R&D funds to guarantee continuous and targeted agricultural research programs,
  • Introduce Total Factor Productivity (TFP) to apply the principle “to grow more with less”
  • Retain a strong budget despite the cuts an EU 27 will trigger

CEMA, CLIMMAR, COPA-COGECA and CEETTAR agreed on a joint statement asking for a strong CAP that will support a competitive agriculture delivering on the ambitious targets for the climate, environment, growth and jobs while looking at modernising the agricultural sector through investments and innovative technologies.