CAP transition period supported, Commissioner Wojciechowski presents exceptional measures 


Since the beginning of the crisis triggered by Covid-19, MEPs from all over Europe have requested an active and effective response from the European Commission to alleviate the severe impact it is having across all economic sectors.

The Chairman of the Agri Committee, Norbert Lins MEP, led the pledge on behalf of the agri-food sector, a critical and essential activity, without EU citizens will be in real troubles to get food as they used to do before the pandemic.

Parliament’s Agriculture Committee endorsed this week the rules to ensure a smooth transition from current EU farm policy rules to the future ones. The rules extend the application of existing Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) rules, which are due to expire at the end of 2020, and ensure the continuation of payments to farmers and rural development beneficiaries, providing predictability and stability for the sector. CEMA widely supported (see here) an extension in order for farmers to retain their investment capacity as the overall budget discussions extended longer than expected.

The Agri committee unanimously agreed on a flexible transition period of up to two years with no cuts to the EU farm policy budget. The text approved by the Agriculture Committee will now be submitted to the 13 - 14 May plenary to seek MEPs' green light for negotiations with EU ministers. See EP's Press Release here.

Today, 30 of April, Commissioner Wojciechowski, in charge of EU Agriculture and Rural Development presented to the Agri Committee a series of additional exceptional measures announced which are intended to further support farmers’ and those sectors experiencing great difficulties.

An overview of Commission measures to support agriculture in times of Covid-19 can be found here.