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Lifting tariffs will ease economic burden & help reset Trans-Atlantic trading relationship


Brussels, 25th January 2021 – Seventy-two U.S. and European associations representing a wide range of industries sent a letter today to President Joseph R. Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urging the immediate suspension of tariffs on sectors unrelated to the ongoing Trans-Atlantic trade disputes.

The coalition stated that suspending tariffs will alleviate economic harms and help re-establish a cooperative Trans-Atlantic trading relationship.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary closures of non-essential businesses continue to affect the global economy, including our sectors which support millions of jobs on both sides of the Atlantic,” said the group of U.S. and EU associations. “The ongoing EU-U.S. trade disputes and additional tariffs, which continue to plague Trans-Atlantic trade, have made a bad situation worse. With the damages we have suffered last year and are still suffering, the current situation cannot be allowed to go on any longer.”

The groups stated, “We believe the immediate suspension of these tariffs is a necessary and fundamental action, which will provide an economic stimulus at a time when it is needed most.” 

They concluded, “Our industries support a constructive and flourishing trade and economic relationship between the U.S. and EU. Removal of these tariffs will provide the positive momentum to reset the important bilateral relationship and cooperative efforts to address global economic challenges. In addition, a shared commitment to avoid new additional tariffs will create the necessary certainty and stability needed to grow the Trans-Atlantic economy.”

CEMA already expressed its great concern about Trans-Atlantic trade tariffs with reference to the Airbus-Boeing case.

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List of U.S. and EU Signatory Associations 


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