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A CEMA contribution to sustainable agriculture

This paper follows several CEMA positions on the future of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Herewith, we focus on digital transformation and smart farming enabling the EU Green Deal in agriculture. Through Precision Agriculture Technologies (PATs), our industry can deliver an important contribution to sustainable farming practices under the new EU Eco-Schemes.

To unleash its full potential, this new instrument needs to support the uptake of technologies enhancing sustainable farming practices all over Europe. Climatic zones together with a large variety of landscapes shape practices and the choice of farm machinery that helps in managing any type of crops – cereals, specialty crops, open-field vegetables, root crops – or/and animal husbandry activities. Therefore, at a national and regional levels, the new EU Eco-schemes will need to take into account the specificities of each territory, the diversity of farming practices and farmers’ special needs to provide tailored-made support that can enhance PATs uptake to advance a more sustainable agriculture in Europe.

On this occasion CEMA addresses several questions critical to the agricultural machinery industry:

  1. What are the challenges driving a paradigm shift in the EU agriculture?
  2. How can digitalization support the new EU Eco-Schemes?
  3. What PATs are most fundamental to deliver on sustainable farming practices?
  4. How can digital transformation and PATs be promoted by the post-2020 CAP mechanisms?
  5. What measures can make PATs accessible to all farm sizes in Europe?

To answer these questions from the industry perspective aligned with its customers – be it farmers, cooperatives, or contractors,

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