Document: CEMA-Contribution_to_Strategic_Dialogue_on_the_Future_of_Agriculture_in_the_European_Union_Consultation.pdf


During her 2023 State of the Union, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen recognized the importance of the European agricultural sector, and the necessity to coordinating with key stakeholders in the sector, launching the Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Agriculture.

The Strategic Dialogue was initiated in January 2024, which aims at developing a joint understanding of future EU farming and food systems. CEMA, representing the European Agricultural Machinery Industry, was invited to provide a written contribution to the Dialogue ahead of its third plenary meeting.

CEMA commends President Von der Leyen for this initiative, which underscores the crucial need for collaboration in tackling the challenges facing the agri-food sector while advancing its sustainable growth. We believe our industry’s overarching role within the sector and innovation-driven approach, together with the wealth of knowledge we can bring and our strong rural base make the agricultural machinery’s contribution relevant to the Strategic Dialogue.

CEMA reaffirms its commitment to contributing constructively to the ongoing dialogue and the formulation of recommendations to shape the future of agriculture in Europe.